Abrasive Blasting & Sandblasting

With dozens of blasting abrasives available, AmTech's staff determines and uses the most appropriate system for your cleaning, lining and coating requirements.

Services in Northeast USA — CT, DE, MA, MD, ME, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, VT

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Industrial & Commercial Blast Cleaning Services in the Northeast US

AmTech's Abrasive Blasting Services experienced staff will help you determine the appropriate surface preparation or blast cleaning system to match your requirements. Proper surface preparation is critical for the success of every cleaning, coating or lining project.

Shooting abrasive particles at a surface is the fastest and most thorough means of cleaning, de-scaling, de-burring and removing oxides and other surface contaminants. This process works for awkward interiors, such as tanks, as well as on open surfaces like walls and swimming pools. What is used as an abrasive, the force with which it is blasted and the medium used to create the pressure are all variables that AmTech understands and can confidently match to the task in order to achieve the required results.

AmTech undertakes both the everyday as well as the uncommon and unusual challenges. Whether it be structural steel, concrete walls and structures or special abatements such as lead coatings, we supply a safe and effective service on-site or at one of our facilities in the Northeast. For sensitive and tough substrates we offer a variety of blast media choices to get the job done right. Example media blasting abrasives include pulverized coke breeze, garnet, black beauty, corn cob, crushed walnut shells, glass beads and several dozen more.

AmTech's blasting crews service government agencies, contractors, engineering firms, property management companies, public utilities and institutional clients. Our fully trained abrasive blasters are equipped to get the job done quickly, effectively and at a minimum downtime for our customers.

Traditional Sandblasting Services

AmTech also offers the more traditional blasting services known as sandblasting or sand blasting, using basic crystalline silica sand as a blast media. When sandblasting with silica sand, exceptional precautions are taken to insure the safety of crew members and any others located in the general area of the sandblasting, as crystalline silica can cause serious or fatal respiratory disease. Amtech performs traditional crystalline silica sand blasting within sealed negative pressure environments where sand blasting operators are fully isolated from the blast dust in protective suits with outside supplied air. Substitutes for silica sand are used whenever they are suitable for the job. At AmTech's Abrasive Blasting Services, the safety of our employees and the general public is Job One.

Water Blasting Services

In many cases high-pressure water is ideally suited to clean and abrade surfaces that may be damaged by other means of abrasive blasting. We can also add controlled amounts of certain abrasive media to the hydroblast to achieve custom results.

Regional Service Areas

Abrasive Blasting

Although AmTech's Tank Lining and Tank Repair services and related abrasive blasting for such are performed across North America and in certain other areas of the world, AmTech's Abrasive Blasting Services division performs work exclusively in the following states: New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware. Our Customer Service Department is pleased to assist you in locating abrasive blasting services beyond that geographic area.

Recent AmTech Abrasive Blasting Projects

Project Type of Building Location
Abrasive blasting of 22,000 square feet of brick wall Building Restoration New York
Abrasive blasting and recoating of 1140 linear feet of elevated steel I-beams and columns Industrial Warehouse Massachusetts
Abrasive blast cleaning and coating of steel marine dock artifacts Marine Museum New Jersey
Abrasive blast cleaning and repair of concrete swimming pool Resort Hotel New Hampshire
Abrasive blast and weld repair of steel tanks AST Farm @ Power Plant Long Island, NY
Abrasive blast of concrete walls Waste Water Treatment Plant Pennsylvania
Abrasive blast 900 linear feet of wrought iron fencing Private School Vermont
Abrasive Blasting