Concrete Sealing & Waterproofing

Avoid leaks and structural failures of commercial and industrial concrete structures and tanks using AmTech for project evaluation and waterproofing.

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AmTech uses proven concrete waterproofing products such as Port Seal® and Xypex to treat both new and in service concrete tanks and structures. We can also provide materials certified safe for potable drinking water systems. When applied, our crystalline systems will embed and grow throughout concrete structures and offer resistance to water permeation, even at extreme pressures.

Concrete Tank Waterproofing

Concrete Tanks used for potable water, fire suppression and waste water processing are not naturally waterproof.

Whether it be a non-soluble crystalline product that becomes part of the substrate or an exterior sealing product, if the concrete surface is not prepared properly before the application, premature failure of the concrete waterproofing and deterioration of the substrate is inevitable. AmTech studies each project and determines the optimum approach to surface prep based on site specific conditions such as system materials, existing concrete surface characteristics, humidity and other relative application conditions.

Concrete Structure Sealing

Untreated joints in concrete structures are natural conduits for liquid migration and over a period of time can lead to serious leaks and possible structural failures. We waterproof industrial and commercial concrete structures such as buildings, bridges, tunnels and walls. We also feature systems approved by the Army Corp of Engineers for dam repair and related services.

Concrete Tank Waterproofing Concrete Tank Waterproofing Concrete Tank Waterproofing Concrete Tank Waterproofing