Fiberglass Tank Nozzle Repair

AmTech's field crews replace fiberglass tank nozzles and install new, custom-prefabricated nozzles.

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Replacing Fiberglass Tank Nozzle

Replacing Fiberglass Tank Nozzle
Amtech's field crews cut off the old tank nozzle and prepare the existing permeation into the tank for the new nozzle. In cases where there has been no previous nozzle or a nozzle of a different size, a new tank body piping permeation is created, sealing the internal area from the structural laminated body of the tank. This helps prevent future weeping of stored product into and between the fiberglass layers of the tank.

AmTech Installing a Fiberglass Tank Nozzle

Installing a New FRP Tank Nozzle
The new nozzle, which has been custom prefabricated and installed as an integrated unit or as a piping permeation assembly and separate flange, is laminated into the tank with composite layers to make it integral with the structural body and corrosion coat of the vessel. The nozzle materials and the materials used to install the nozzle unit are chosen in consideration of the customer's constituent stored product and anticipated temperature of that product. This insures an extended nozzle service life.

FRP Tank Nozzle Coating

Sanding, Clean Up & Exterior Coating
Once the new assembly is installed, the laminate exterior is made ready to be coated. Depending on the tank placement, exterior coatings may include aliphatic compounds for UV protection.

Aligning New Flange to Existing Piping

Aligning a New Flange to an Existing Piping Assembly

Many times a replacement nozzle must be installed to work with existing piping. Amtech's field technicians can work the new nozzle into exact alignment with the existing piping.

Weeping Sodium Hydroxide Through Tank Wall At Piping Permeation

Sodium Hypochlorite is one of the most aggressive chemical environments handled in Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) vessels. Choice of resin, cure system, surfacing veil materials, and laminate construction details are critical elements that determine a tanks service life. This picture represents a tank at a water department treatment plant that has containment failure and is in need of a tank repair.