Aboveground Petroleum Tank Lining

AmTech's DK2 Polylining System has been described by some as Tupperware for Tanks. It takes the Tank Lining & Coating Industry into the 21st Century.

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AmTech's DK2 Polylining System was developed by AmTech to meet the needs of aboveground tanks used to store petroleum products such as diesel, kerosene and fuel oil. An AST's structure is subject to forces such as expansion and contraction caused by changes in air temperature, sun heating, sudden introduction of new product at different temperatures and wind deflection. Traditional thin mil systems like an epoxy coating do not have flex modulus or elongation characteristics capable of moving with the tank wall. This can lead to point disbondment from the substrate. Once this has begun, the blistering and flaking cycle of the coating begins. Oxidation of the tank wall material develops behind the disbonded areas of coating, and then migrates to adjoining areas. DK2 is a third generation Polyurea lining system with a high temperature, high pressure spray up application of 80 to 125 mils, that bonds to steel or concrete with an adhesion of up to 1000 PSI. The pressure and temperature insure that properly prepared substrates receive a mechanical bond created by a suction and tooth effect. This mechanical bonding works equally well on concrete storage tanks.

Application of DK2 is recommended for steel and concrete vessels and containments for tank bottom lining, floor pans and full interior linings. As a 100% solids plural system, there are no VOCs to deal with in the confined areas of a tank, and the curing cycle is virtually minutes, allowing a quick return to service. All AmTech applied systems are installed by AmTech's seasoned field crews and are overseen and quality controlled by AmTech's Field Engineering Staff. AmTech has lined tanks with DK2 for the US Government and Fortune 100 Companies. DK2 tank lining systems have been applied for the petroleum industry in stationary and shipboard tank applications on multiple continents.

DK2 has been described by some as Tupperware for Tanks, and its flex, elongation, immersion compatibility and bonding characteristics support the fact that AmTech Takes The Lining & Coating Industry Into The 21st Century.