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Bolted Steel Tanks: Water Tank Lining & Repair Services

AmTech’s DuraChem® 500 series Spray Up Polylining systems create a thick bonded, monolithic tank lining that extends service life and protects your capital investment.

Fighting Steel Tank Corrosion

If you are using welded steel tanks or bolted steel tanks, corrosion over time is your enemy. No matter how secure your initial containment choices, even the best manufactured steel tanks can experience increasing corrosion and eventual failure over time without regular inspection and preventative maintenance. Amtech’s inspection and maintenance services can greatly extend the service life before a new potable water tank lining, wastewater tank lining, aboveground fuel tank lining or fire suppression water tank lining is required.

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Steel Tanks Require Regular Inspection

DuraChem Lined Steel Silos Containing Powder-Activated Carbon

DuraChem lined bolt sample shows steel bolts are completely sealed by an industrial strength Tupperware-like wall.

Steel storage tanks can also be subject to new regulations and requirements, making repairs, retrofits and upgrades necessary. Welded steel tanks can experience unexpected degradation and loss of service life when tasked to store new products. For example, some forms of powder-activated carbon used to meet federal standards for mercury reduction can react with and/or degrade the steel silos and other vessels used to contain them. To maintain long-term integrity and service life, power plants have turned to AmTech to help restore their steel silos and insure compliance with the Environmental Protection Agency’s Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS) regulations. We provide several tank repair and maintenance services, such as fire suppression water tank lining, above ground fuel tank lining, and tank coating.

Multiple Options for Bolted & Welded Steel Tanks

Facilities Managers and Engineers have a range of product choices for steel tank repairs. For decades, rubber lining was the only choice for containing certain products, however steam curing applications can be prohibitively expensive, especially on larger tanks. Our DuraChem systems replace rubber lining in many applications.

Many bolted and welded steel tanks may be installed with a coating system, which may work well for a period of time. When tank coatings need to be replaced, facilities managers often consider a lining system as a replacement for an original coating. Coatings have their place when a thin mil, paint-like system is all that is needed. Coatings, like paint, do not have appreciable structural integrity of their own, but in some cases, as part of a system bonded to a substrate, they may meet the needs of a particular job.

In general, linings can provide a longer window of protection for steel tanks. Linings provide their own structural integrity. In most situations, linings will not disbond as coatings systems can. Disbonding doesn’t usually result in a failure of lining systems as it can with coatings. The right lining applied to a properly prepared substrate can eliminate the risk of blistering through osmotic forces. In addition, any puncture to the tank lining during service life is far less likely to spread beyond the intrusion, keeping the damage and repairs contained to that specific spot. Overall, tank linings can offer longer term protection of capital investment with an extended service life.

Welded Steel Tank Before Repair & Lining

Welded Steel Tank After Repair & Lining

Custom Solutions for Bolted & Welded Steel Tanks

Regardless of the specific challenges you face with your steel tanks, AmTech can work with you to find the best solution. Our field engineering staff has set the standard for tank inspections and cost-effective repairs for thousands of steel tank and containment challenges throughout North America. Our experienced crews can repair and restore your steel tanks to exceed their original design specifications or retrofit them for new uses. Regardless of whether your bolted steel tank or welded steel tank is used to store potable water, fire suppression water, wastewater, leachate, oil, gasoline, petrochemicals, carbon powder or other materials, AmTech can provide a turnkey repair and lining solution tailored to your tank’s needs.

Bolted Steel Tank Bottom Before Lining


Bolted Steel Tank Bottom After Lining

DuraChem® 500 Series for Steel Tank Lining

Our DuraChem® 500 series 100% solids polylining systems have revolutionized steel tank lining. With a high build, high temperature spray-up application, your steel storage tanks are covered by a thick, bonded wall. Compliant with requirements such as ANSI, NSF, NLPA, API, and UL for specific immersion and containment applications, this family of poly systems has been referred to as “Industrial Strength Tupperware” for tanks and containments. These systems are ideal for bolted steel tanks as they create a monolithic lining, which covers the interlock seams and bolt heads.

DuraChem’s innovative polyurethane/polyurea lining process is truly the 21st Century solution to a broad range of tank repair and relining challenges.

DuraChem® 500 series has been used on industrial, municipal and commercial applications throughout North America for:

  • Department of Homeland Security
  • Department of Defense
  • Oil and Gas Industry
  • Fortune 500 companies
  • Water Utilities
  • Wastewater Facilities
  • Power Plants

Bolted Steel Wall Before DuraChem Lining

Bolted Steel Wall Completely Sealed After Lining

For a no obligation project evaluation and lining sample, please call our Customer Service Engineering Department at 888-839-0373 or send us a message. Ask about our best warranty program in the business.

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