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Industrial Wastewater Tank Lining & Repair Services

Amtech’s cutting-edge DuraChem 500® Spray Up Polylining systems are like Industrial Strength Tupperware separating the structural wall of a tank from the wastewater stream.

Wastewater treatment plants provide critical community services that too many people take for granted. Unfortunately, thousands of wastewater tanks and containments at treatment plants throughout the United States are reaching the end of their coatings’ and linings’ functional service life.

DuraChem Lining Can Protect Sedimentation Tanks in Wastewater Treatment Plants

Clarifier Tanks in Wastewater Treatment Plants can be Protected from Corrosion with DuraChem Linings

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Restoring Wastewater Treatment Plants

Having restored hundreds of waste water treatment plant tanks to full function, the AmTech team knows that each component of a plant’s system faces unique challenges. The sand and other solids removed by the system can create abrasion on the tank’s interior surfaces leading to lining and coating failure. Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) corrosion can attack tank head spaces. Clarifier/digester vessels are exposed to their own sources of damage and corrosion.

This Tank’s Thin Mil Coating is Compromised

Wastewater Clarifier Before Lining

Wastewater Clarifier Before Lining

Newly Lined Clarifier Tank

Newly Lined Clarifier Tank

Once the coating or lining has failed, the steel or concrete substrates can quickly corrode or degrade and leave the wastewater treatment plant headed toward an expensive facilities nightmare. In the past the accepted protocol was to apply another thin mil coating system, like an epoxy, and then start the clock on its road to eventual failure.

Municipal and Industrial Waste Water Tank Coating

Today, newer technologies allow for the application of cutting-edge lining systems that provide excellent resistance to the corrosive and degradative liquids and gases found in wastewater streams, including all municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants. AmTech’s DuraChem 500 Series® Spray Up Polylining systems become like industrial strength Tupperware bonded inside the structure, virtually separating the structural wall from the harsh environment of that wastewater stream. This can save tens of thousands of dollars in capital replacement costs and virtually eliminate the traditional peeling and flaking of thin mil rigid coatings.

Concrete Wastewater Trough Prepped for Lining


Concrete Wastewater Trough After DuraChem Lining

DuraChem Forms an Industrial Strength Bond with Tank Walls

DuraChem Lined Steel Wastewater Treatment Tank

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