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Potable Water Tank Lining & Repair Services

Providing up to 1965 PSI adhesion strength, AmTech’s DuraChem 580 PW Polylining system is the backbone of potable water tank lining and repair systems.

Lining systems for bolted steel, welded steel and concrete tanks used for potable water storage are unique in as much as they need to meet standards like NSF and ANSI 61, as well as have good bonding strength and staying power. AmTech offers several systems for potable water, like HydraStone for steel potable hot water tank relining, the Port Seal Crystalline method for waterproofing specialized concrete structures and BiFlex FRP systems for fiberglass tank linings and other laminate systems. For most general use in potable water storage the DuraChem 580 PW Polylining system is the backbone of AmTech’s potable water tank lining and repair systems, allowing quick service with minimal downtime.

Using DuraChem 580 PW to Repair Potable Water Tanks

DuraChem 580 PW adapts well for concrete tanks, and bolted and welded steel tanks, and has flex and elongation characteristics that far surpass other, older coating technologies. Changes in air temperature, sun heating and wind deflection can cause expansion, contraction and movement of a tank’s structure. The 580 PW can flex, bend and stretch to adjust for these dynamic changes without disbonding from its tank wall substrate, a major factor causing failure in older thin mil coatings like epoxy.

Installation of 580 PW is by high temperature, high pressure spray-up application, with no VOCs in the process. The cure time is just a matter of minutes, allowing quick application and return to service with minimal downtime. The molecular bond created, coupled with the mechanical tooth and suction bond (when the substrate is properly prepared), gives this system up to a 1965 PSI adhesion strength. This 80 to 125 mil monolithic shell has been referred to as Tupperware for Tanks by industry professionals.

Substrate preparation is the first step in potable water tank lining. AmTech’s crews are trained to repair steel and concrete tank problems that may be uncovered during this process. Where tank structure conditions are unknown, our field engineering group offers NDT survey services for tanks that may be in question. Old linings can be inspected and tested, and ultrasonic studies of tank wall thickness can be performed.

Potable Water Tank Lining

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