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UST Double Wall Tank Repair

Return your storage tank to useful life expectancy and meet or exceed industry standards for the structural integrity of your tanks through the Poly Lining Systems tank repair process.

AmTech has repaired and extended the service life of thousands of double wall storage tanks across North America through various tank lining and repair services, including above ground fuel tank lining, potable water tank lining, and wastewater tank lining. Our inspection, repair and relining services have helped our customers avoid the cost and disruption of completely replacing their underground storage tanks.

Primary containment problems in double wall steel and fiberglass tanks, and storage tanks with steel primary containments and non-corrosive secondary containments, can occur as the tanks age. When alarms are triggered by fuel migrating through the primary containment to the interstitial space, tank owners may think their tank has ended its useful life. We can fix this problem of the primary containment for you. Double wall steel tanks and steel tanks with FRP or resin wraps which develop such problems can be returned to service quickly and safely by the application of the Poly Lining Systems tank repair process. If your UST’s have not been inspected or you suspect they may have developed permeations, perforations, or long-term corrosion, we have the expertise, experience and cutting edge systems needed to inspect, repair and reline your tanks. We deliver the same expertise and quick return to service for underground fuel tank lining, aboveground fuel tank lining, and wastewater tank lining.

Our crew members enter underground storage tanks to perform NLPA and API standard inspections.

AmTech technician installing an OSHA compliant manway on an older underground storage tank.

AmTech crews frequently repair tank bottoms, which are exposed to corrosion from sludge and damage from wear spots.

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When you choose AmTech, our qualified inspectors use industry standard protocols to assess your tank’s condition. Our battery of inspection methodologies, including ultrasonic gauging, usually confirms sufficient structural integrity to support repair and/or lining as the most cost-effective option. Our customer service engineers will explain the results, including any steps needed to fix problem areas. 98% of the time, our customer’s double walled tanks are sufficiently sound to be returned to full term useful life expectancy after repair and lining.

After we receive your approval, our team will apply the Poly Lining System process on a schedule that minimizes facility downtime. Oversight and quality control of all work is provided by AmTech’s Field Engineering Staff. Our seasoned field crews will repair and restore your underground storage tanks’ structural integrity to meet or exceed state and industry standards. We will complete the job by installing the optimum lining for the product your UST stores. To find out how AmTech’s cost effective solutions can keep your tank in compliance and extend useful service life, contact us.


Most Common Problem Areas in Double Wall UST’s

Here are some examples of the most common inner-tank, or primary containment, corrosion permeations and perforations found by AmTech’s inspectors in double walled underground storage tanks. Over time, all of these can result in product migration into the interstitial (between walls) space of the tank.

Corrosion hole under striker plate.

Corrosion hole at interstitial riser pipe weld point.

Corrosion hole at storage tank bottom.

    • Some permeations and perforations in UST’s may develop at weld points on striker plates, under striker plates, at welded seams or under tank bottom sludge deposits.
    • Perforations at weld points can sometimes be attributed to corrosion cells created by the interaction of dissimilar metals in the welds.
    • Microbial action can cause accelerated corrosion potential in tank bottom sludge. Other failures can be caused by wear spots and/or corrosion points occurring at the storage tank bottom, attributed to years of contact by gauging sticks.

    For a no obligation project evaluation and lining sample, please call our Customer Service Engineering Department at 888-839-0373 or send us a message. Ask about our best warranty program in the business.

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