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Special Tank Services

  • Ultrasonic Permeation Detection
  • Manway Retrofit
  • Genesis Double Wall Retrofit System

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Ultrasonic Permeation Detection

AmTech’s testing technicians can induce an ultrasonic signal into a doublewall tank’s anular space. By using a specialized ultrasonic detector, they can detect minute permeations in the primary containment wall.

Manway Retrofit

An optional 22 inch industry standard manway with an 18 bolt cover can be retrofit welded to any single or double wall steel tank by our expert crews.

Genesis Double Wall Retrofit System

AmTech is an authorized installer for the Genesis Double Wall Retrofit System for steel and fiberglass fuel tanks. This system provides a cost-effective retrofit that turns a single wall tank into a fully-functioning and compliant double wall tank with third-party tested interstitial monitoring. Regulatory compliance is achieved by creating a monitorable interstitial space between two structural layers of fiber reinforced resin laminates. This system is compatible with petroleum fuels, alcohol-blended petroleum fuels, alcohols and biodiesel, as well as a multitude of petrochemical products.

Special Tank Services

For a no obligation project evaluation and lining sample, please call our Customer Service Engineering Department at 888-839-0373 or send us a message. Ask about our best warranty program in the business.

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